Pink is the new white

Pink is the new white

This summer I could not help myself but update my nail wardrobe with some new pastel nail polishes. Nails Inc The New White and Nailkale collections deliver amazing range of chalky whites/nude colors that are simply a summer must have. Nails Inc is famous for their good quality opaque nail colors and grown up glitters.

The glass packaging is solid and kind of heavy. The glass bottle looks and feels luxurious which make wordy of living on top of my dressing table. Nail colors are very opaque and you can easily get away with a single layer. The nail color brush is flat and kind of flares up in shape, making application super easy and streak free. These nail polishes really last a long time on the nails and does not chip easily, making it a value for money type of purchase.

Nails Inc the new white brush

Nails Inc The New White in Lilly Road review

Nails Inc The New White in Lilly Road is this chalky white lilac nail color. It really draws attention to your nails despite the fact that is not your typical bright color. I was never a big fan of chalky while nails but Lilly Road’s hint of lilac really elevates the while look. I find this particular shade to look effortlessly sophisticated and unique. I probably painted my nails about five times in a roll using Lilly Road simply because I cannot get enough of it.

Nails Inc Nailkale St Johns Wood review

From Nails Inc Nailkale collection St Johns Wood stood out to me as this new take on nude color. The shade can be described as milky, peach natural color. I think this is a great alternative to adding a dash of brightness to your nails but still keeping it very neutral.

Nails Inc also offers a range of nail care products such as base coats, top coats, cuticle care sets and polish removers. The brand release quite a lot of Collections including three or more nail colors, which tend to be a good value nail sets.