Product empties – Hair & Beauty

Product empties – Hair & Beauty

Another month another box of empty products. So lets get cracking with the good and the bad.

Klorane Conditioner with milk oil – designed to nourish and detangle dry and brittle hair it sounded like a dream in a tube.There were also a couple of more claims for smooth and voluminous hair after continuous use  which made me proceed to check out with confidence and hope (for better hair tomorrow). Now i religiously used this product for a good 2-3 weeks and here is my overall impressions: first It has tick creamy consistency like a hand cream and it smells like one, not a bad thing some might say…good thing is that the smell does not linger. Second as per instructions it needs only 2-3 minutes leave, personally i left it for a bit longer since my locks often feel dry and damaged. At first i can definitely see some improvement but after a few times my hair got used to the product and the results were very bare. Repurchase? No.

Tony&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for dry hair – this small guy i brought with me on holiday. Overall good impressions, goes without mentioning any outstanding or horrible side effects. Smells nice with tick and pearly consistency. Repurchase? Yes (perfect for travel).

Phyto Reparative Shampoo for weakened, damaged hair – as per title another appropriate product for dry and damaged hair. I Again i decided to give it a good shoot  over period of time but unfortunately after 2 week my scalp could not take it any more and started to protest – aka i got dandruff. Like everything is life i decided to give it a second chance after things cool off – and i did and i got flaky scalp again. That was the end of it. Overall it smells nice and the consistency is like a runny honey, the color resembles honey not but a bit more on the orange side. Now i might be minority in this situation so i would like to keep open mind for the other products of this brand.Who knows something good might come from it. Repurchase? No.

Garnier Body Oil Beauty nourishing scrub for dull,dry skin – this is a body scrub that may seem that there is plenty in the tube but believe me there is not. Amazing product that does the job well, it smells amazing, do not leave any residue after use just clean and hydrated skin. There are four oils (argan, macadamia, rose and almond) that make up for the fancy spa like smell. In terms of  consistency it is very runny with micro scrub particles and some brown scales for extra exfoliation. I’m very pleased and impressed with this drugstore scrub that smells divine and exfoliates even better. Great before fake tan. Repurchase? Yes (already did, enjoying my second tube of this lovely product).

Nuxe Men Moisturizing multipurpose gel – now just for the record this is not mine. This is one of my many attempts to convince Alpha Male to moisturize his face because i want to age beautiful together.Too much to ask i know but still this product/attempt was somewhat successful.Its a light texture with strong manly smell, lingering after application (this was a positive, believe me). The overall experience was good although i did not see any major improvement in appearance of skin. However i do consider it as a success of my mission.  Repurchase? No. it is a average product but a stepping stone.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme – for my sensitive skin this is heaven, or at least one of the most heavenly preferred creams. I have been Chanel’s face cream lover for quite a while now and am proud to announce that i have tried almost all face creams and serums from the range.I always seems to cheat on it after is finish and after short and uneventful affairs always come back for more. Sill talking about the cream it has medium to thick consistency that glades onto the skin like a dream, does not leave skin greasy or tacky and i do believe after continuous use does improve appearance.Also leave my face feeling well moisturized and works well under foundation. Repurchase? Definite Yes.

That was all for my product empties and if you have some doubts by now let me set this straight I’m  not a living lizard despite my dry skin, face and hair.