Products that did not make the cut

Products that did not make the cut

Here are three product form the drugstore that simply ware not up to scratch. Disappointing products does not necessary mean bad quality. There are simply not working for me personally and my type of skin.

teez Trendy Cosmetics Glitter Lash & Liner in Dinner Cruise

teez Trendy Cosmetics Glitter Lash & Liner in Dinner Cruise – I was on the lookout for inexpensive gold glittery liner. Lets face it the chances of incorporating golden liner to you daily makeup look are very slim to non. Sill i felt that certain level of quality have to be met. From a first glance this product looked ideal. The wand has dual purpose – you can use it to line lashes bit you can also coat them (like with mascara) in golden glitter. As a eyeliner the felt is stiff but bendy. after a bit of time playing with it i managed to draw a very thin line, but again it takes time to get used to it. The mascara like end can only lightly coat your lashes, which is actually a good thing. What was disappointing about this product is the formula. Once it sets it starts to slowly peel off which needless to say is not ideal. If you only going to apply on a rare occasion, this product can get you trough.In case you are really into glittery eyeliners i would strongly recommend Heavy Metal by Urban Decay.

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette – Step one is the brow pencil. Nothing new or exiting to report on that front. Simple and very regular. The color shades are very limited so keep that in mind. Step two is brow gel. I was exited about this brow gel since i was looking for a dupe for Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Well this is not it. This brow gel does not set and keep brows in place. It is tinted and the brush is actually a nice size. My eyebrows looked tidy and comb but did not stay that way for long.

Maybelline Color Drama in Nude Perfection

Maybelline Color Drama in Nude Perfection – This range is definitely a budget rival of NARS Lip Pencils.There are about six matte colors from this range including some really nice reds and pinks i would recommend to check out. The pigment of this lip pencils is great and also last a good bit of time. The only disappointing shade from the Color Drama range is probably this Nude Perfection. Instead of a version of my lips but better type of color i end up having a mannequin lips. This shade simply does not work well with pale complexions.