Quick guide to foundation brushes

Quick guide to foundation brushes

Investing in a good quality makeup tools is something I truly believe that makes all the difference. Most of the time it is very overwhelming browsing shelves and makeup counter seeking for the one and only makeup brush that will/can change everything. This is my quick guide to foundation brushes that hopefully shines some light of what you should be looking for, depending of your personal preference.
Let’s start with few application tips – when applying foundation start from the arias the face that need the most coverage. For smooth, streak free application use downward strokes and circular buffing motion.

Flat Foundation Brush – great for arias that need full coverage. It also works wonders for contouring and shaping edges of your face. Normally I would avoid using this type of brush for all over application of liquid foundation. For me I find that it leaves too many steaks and it is hard to buff the product into the skin. Real Techniques Pointed foundation brush is a great budget friendly alternative.

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Rounded Foundation Brush – probably the best performer when it comes to seamlessly buffing foundation. Search for rounded half-moon top and high density of bristles. Another favorite from Real Techniques is their Buffing brush. It is very affordable and of great quality for the price. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage face brush is also another great but slight pricy alternative. Bobbi Brown’s version is definitely much softer and more long lasting. However Real Technique’s is a bit larger but after about two/three months of regular use you will need a replacement. Louise Yong LY34 is probably my favorite foundation brush from the bunch. Bristles are super soft and almost twice as long compared to the first two brushes. Because of the longer bristles there is less micro exfoliation of the skin and no dragging of the product. For streak free application I fist distribute evenly the product by using this brush flat than use the rounded top for buffing.

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Flat top Foundation brushes – are only great for applying powder foundation. The flat top press the product into the skin and allows you to build the coverage.
Angled Foundation brush – this type is perfect for buffing product into the nooks and crannies of your face (under the eyes, around the nose and chin aria). H&M BB cream brush has a good top angle but it is a bit too dance. As a result the product often gets dragged on your skin causing redness and irritation (sensitive skins). Search for longer, soft and medium density bristles.
Stapling/duo fiber Foundation Brush – this is another great type for buffing liquid foundation. Duo fibers help distribute the product evenly on larger arias at the time. Also they are very gentle on skin perfect for sensitive types. My favorite is Zoeva 125 Stippling brush.