Reclaim your positive vibrations

Reclaim your positive vibrations

This sounds amazing was my initial reaction when I first read the product description. Such immediate conclusions are coming from a person who takes life with a healthy dose of skepticism but yet is gullible enough to purchase Roques Oneil Therapie Restore Aura Spray.

Everybody have a certain “aura” or more like a type of energy that surrounds our physical bodies. Changing that unique body frequense and tuning it around from negative to positive does not come easy. It is proven that combination of different aromatherapy oils and their distinct scent can be refreshing and uplifting. On that note I really do not need to mention how unique is this blend of calming essential oils and energizing extracts in order to convince you that this product actually works.  Honestly it does but to some extend and depending on your expectations. Restore Aura Spray is meant to calm your scenes and help you be more Zen in that particular moment and this is pretty much all that can do for you. It will not cure your headache, clear your mind or give you that much desired boost of energy to finish what you‘ve started. This Aura Spray simply rebalance your mind for a second or two before doubt, dread and deadlines creep back in.

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This fine mist is smells really refreshing and evaporates almost instantly. To make the best of it I normally take a deep inhale while I spritz it several times onto my face. The glass bottle of rather generous size is not necessarily bad travel companion but rather impractical one (just in case it breaks). Nevertheless the stylish black packaging looks undeniably chic resting on the bedside table.

Roques Oneil Therapie Restore Aura Spray cost £26 for 100ml. The founder Roques Oneil is one of the words top aromatherapist and Restore Aura Spray is part of her capsule collection.