Results after 2 min manicure

Results after 2 min manicure

I love trying new nail reinventions so count this as another manicure experiment. This time around I got my hands on Nails Inc Paint Can spray can nail polish that currently comes only in two colors florescent pink and silver. I knew that silver will be somewhat a success so I opted for more of a challenge.Essentially this is a water based paint in a spray can designed for achieving fashion nails. I was curious to try this new application method and decide for myself is this is easier or well anticipated mess. 

The can contains 50ml of product which is 3,5 times more product compared to a regular bottle of Nails Inc nail polish. I feel like the extra product is desperately needed considering the amount of excess product you will end up wasting. Application is more or less straight forward, spray from a distance, not too close (patchy look) or too far (product flying all over). On the spray can there is warning message that you have to use base coat which later I also discover is quite crucial. After a few trails and errors I got to a point when I was happy with how even was the color and then realized how much cleaning I was left with.

Nails Inc Paint Can spray pink revew results

Application tips: apply base coat to even the surface, spray and before you attempt any cleaning apply top coat to seal the color and wait until fully dry. This is a water based paint so it is quite easy to remove with any makeup remover wipe or simply running tap water. It took me more time to clean the excess nail color than to apply it, which I’m not sure it’s a good thing. Results were not great, the color still looked quite uneven even after my great attempts (read many layers later) and the paint seems to gather around my cuticles which was quite unpleasant side affect to deal with. I felt that this product is more work and hassle rather that easy and effortless results.

Nails Inc Paint Can spray costs £10 and comes with recommended mini 2 in 1 base and top coat for another £8. Frankly it worked just fine with my regular base and top coat so spare yourself the extra purchase. I can see the potential benefits of using this product (streak fee and quick application) but the reality is noting even close. In fact to me it felt like a bit of a gimmick and a bit of waste of money. Application is way too messy and I bet you get more applications out of a regular nail polish bottle.Slightly disappointed.