Santorini haul

Santorini haul

My recent trip to Santorini, Greece was gem packed with culture, sand, sea…and shopping. The small narrow streets of the island offer endless supply of jewelry, souvenirs and foreign fashion. Like any other tourist on the island I could not resist but buy at least one of each.

I few in love with the while top with crochet details that has this beautiful flower embroidery on the front. It is white, flowy and different enough to make every outfit pop. It goes go with pretty much everything and makes everything look effortless and chic. Next on my list is two pairs of Greek sandals. I love metallic footwear so naturally I went for a few variation of the same thing. Both pairs are super comfortable and add great accent to simple outfits.

Santorini fashion review

boho white shirt with embroidery

santorini jewelry review

metalic sandals santorini

greek sandals santorini review

Chanel bag jewelry

chanel bag jewelry santorini

When it came to jewelry I just could not stop accumulating more and more pieces. Three necklaces, five bracelet and a ring later I decided that I had enough. In the mix I also manage to score my first and only Chanel bag. Some of my new stack bracelets come with the evil eye symbol that is meant to protect your form bad energy and negative vibes people send to you. I am not so sure how much of this is true but a bit of positive energy coming my way could never hurt.

Santorini is a unique place to visit and explore. There is a volcano, stunning views from every corner, black and red beaches, donkeys and great nightlife too.