Scandinavian hair magic

Scandinavian hair magic

Scandinavian products have that effortless look of something special and chic. Sachajuan natural hair care range comes with simple looks and yet sophisticated ”Ocean Silk technology”. I picked up two of their products targeting some of my most common hair concerns – dry hair and lack of volume. Hoping that my investment will pay off I proceed to my two week trail, where I discovered that there is more than looks that meets the eye.

Sachajuan Dry Hair conditioner comes in a sleek packaging and no (un)realistic marketing claims, which is highly appreciated. It has a lightweight creamy texture and comes with a slight pleasant scent. Once on I waited for about 2 minutes before I rinse it well. So far this has been my only conditioner (no cheating) for about three weeks now. Even after the first use I saw great improvement of my hair condition and much healthier it looked. My hair looked significantly shinier and felt really soft, without being weighted down by ingredients or the consistency.

Sachajuan Dry Hair ingredients  review hair therapy

This conditioner is targeting treated and dry hair which from experience I would say it is a bit of ambitious. Some parts of my hair (top layers mostly) really suffers from chemical burn caused by hair coloring. This product was not able to smoothen those bits or improve their overall appearance. In all fairness this is only a conditioner not a mask so for ultimate at home dry hair therapy every other week I go for Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme hair mask . The combination of those two product really works well keeping my hair in good condition. If you have natural color and you hair is lightly damaged form applying heat this conditioner will be able to nourish your hair and add shine. After few weeks of continuous use results never disappoint and remain consistent which make me believe that this is a great luxury hair conditioner. Looking at the ingredient list this hair product does contain silicones but considering it is not one of the first 5 ingredients on the list I would say it is save to save that this is still quality product that will not damage your hair or cause tremendous amount of hair buildup.

Sachajuan Root lift review

I did not know what to expect of Sachajuan Root Lift, but one thing was certain volume is to be desired. This product has a somewhat unusual consistency that sits between hair spray and hair mouse. I parted my hair into several sections, applied it all around the crown of my head and some at the back just to add some extra oomph to my fine hair. Once dry the roots of my hair were looking bouncier and uplifted.

Sachajuan Root lift consistency review

Like with any hair mouse type of product my hair did get greasier a bit more quickly. Nevertheless my hair did not suffer from feeling tacky or had any texture on touch between washes. I like using this product on days when I have time to do a proper blow dry at home. On more lazy, care free days I’d rather reach for my all-time favorite Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray for adding that extra bit of roots lift.

After trying and experimenting with Sachajuan hair product I am definitely looking forward into acquiring a few more of their luxury hair essentials. Do you have a favorite Sachajuan product? Let me know in the comments below.