September beauty trash

September beauty trash

Summer is officially over but sadly you cannot really tell from my beauty trash. In this month’s edition I incorporated a mini section designated to “alpha male’s beauty routine”. Don’t worry there are plenty face, body and nail products that I emptied.
Fa Shower+ Lotion appeared in y beauty trash before which can only mean that I’m a big fan. It has creamy consistency and leaves skin soft (you will still need to moisturize after but it is not as drying as other shower gel alternatives).
M&S Creamy Coconut Exfoliating body scrub smells amazing! In terms of scrub and exfoliating properties this product is very mild and has runny consistency. It is reasonably priced and occasionally goes on sale for 1 which is a great opportunity to give it a go. I will definitely repurchase.
Sai-Sei Mineral Revive Body Veil is a hands down the best body moisturizer to date. Lightweight, easily absorbed by skin and yet gives so much moisture days after use. I also love the packaging and how easy and convenient to use is that pump dispenser. Another bottle of this great stuff is hiding in my cupboard already.

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Sisley Gentle Facial Buffing cream is another great product that really works. It gently cleanses any impurities and leaves skin silky soft. One thing that does not quite work for me is the price. I will definitely keep it on my splurge list but for now can only wave it goodbye.
Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads are everyday essential for me. That is why finding a reasonably priced quality pads was absolutely crucial. They are probably the best from the bunch even compared to some of the more expensive alternatives at Boots and Superdrug. I absolutely love to stock up when during the usual 2 for 1 promotion. Currently there are three more packs waiting in line.
Re Vive Perfectif Even Skintone Cream is great and very calming day cream. The consistency was great and effects were visible after only few times of use. I looked into the brand and I have my eyes on another of their day creams that I think sounds wonderful. Due to the high price tag (£130) more research is required and perhaps a pay raise..
Hair and nails
CoLab Dry hampoo Extreme Volume is a good product but I much prefer its transparent cousin. This version is just like any other dry shampoo but may be a bit less sticky than usual. As expected it leaves a white cast and it also give some root lift and volume. I would say that in its range (affordable dry shampoo) I preferred it but personally I normally go for a bit more expensive options or the transparent version of this product.
Philip Kingsly Exfoliating Scalp mask did lean my scalp but I found that application it was a bit of a hassle, considering it has the same effects as a clarifying shampoo. For that reason I will give it a miss.
Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover is absolutely poisonous and will turn your nails yellow. I know is cheep but really it does more harm than good. Stay away of it if you can (I’m rarely this upset about a product, which shows how much I dislike it).

His skincare routine man product empties

Alpha male’s beauty routine
LOreal Elvive for Men Anti-Dandriff shampoo is absolutely fantastic for guys that go often to gym, wash their hair sometimes twice a day and have sensitive scalp. It is a great product that comes in manly packaging, large size and very very reasonable price. A men must-have!
Another great quality product is Gucci Guilty deodorant stick. It last for months, the scent is great and really does a great job keeping odors at bay. P.S when it comes to the scent any high end perfume brand will do, depending on taste. Great luxury product to stalk up from the Duty Free.
No7 Man Protect & Perfect Intense Moisturizer is a product that I’m very pleased of finding. It really makes a difference and add moisture to the skin. It absorbs quickly and its kind mattifying too. Results are positive and visible after a week of use. I already repurchased it and Alpha Male started using his second bottle. He loves it which makes me happy too. Worth checking out and it is not that expensive too ( £24 excluding Boots vouchers).