Simple nail designs with foils

Simple nail designs with foils

Nails are important part of any beauty and grooming routine that no matter what do not get ignored. Over the years I learned how to maintain my nails and most importantly mastered seamless nail polish application but there still one more element I want to master – simple nail designs. I have a few other blog posts dedicated to different version of nail art but this time around im experimenting with nail foils.

Nail foils are great and very coast effective way to jazz up your favorite nail polish color. Because they are so inexpensive they come is large variety of colors and patterns which is a great opportunity to experiment with different combinations. Application is not hard since it almost works like applying a sticker. Personally I think you can easily get away without using a glue but if you like more control you can get nail foil sets including special adhesive glue for a small difference in price.
Tips on application without a glue: apply base coat and two coats of your color of choice, wait until the nail color has almost dried (a bit soft on touch) then place and gently press the nail foil sheet over it. Rip off the nail fails sheet and enjoy the results. Nail foils last for about 4 days on the nail and a bit longer when you use top coat.

Nail foils

There are many easy and creative ways to incorporate nail foils to add amazing looking and yet simple nail art designs. After some experimenting here are my top three easy-to-achieve designs with minimal skill. Apply your base color and cut out geometrical (or other) shapes out of the nail foil.This is also the latest Korean nail trend. Once your base is almost set stick them on. Another good looking design is to combine two colors of nail foils on the nail tips or just all over. Third but not least, after base color is completely dry, apply clear coat only on arias you want some sparkle. For example in the center, tip, sides or base of the nail.

Nail foils are available on Amazon and can cost as little as £1.20 or about £5 for more elaborate color selections. if you feel more adventurous with your nails here are some other nail art ideas.