Sisley cosmetics – favorite products and samples

Sisley cosmetics  – favorite products and samples

Sisley Cosmetics as a brand has always sparkled a big interest. Their products  come highly recommended by everyone who actually own a product of theirs. Personally the healthy price tag has always stopped me from making a purchase. I could see a reasoning behind spending a bit extra on a day/night cream, serum or a treatment . When it comes to face masks and cleansers going overboard (spending above the 50 mark) seems to me a bit excessive. Sisley’s face masks and treatment oils are range of products most hyped and loved by beauty lovers. To find for myself what the fuss was about i started to fish around for product samples. Just a brief disclaimer  this is a collective haul of samples accumulated over period of time and many trips to the makeup counter.

Sisley Buff and Wash Facial Gel

Sisley Cosmetics Gentle Facial Buffing Cream

The lady at the counter once mention that Sisley Cosmetics as a brand are not afraid to make samples containing generous amount of product.The brand believes  that more you try it more you will like their products  so i took them on that offer. I tested literary everything that your see in front of you, which is also half their skin range. Ironically i did make a purchase of a product i never had the chance to test in advance.

I am not going to go over every single product but just highlight some of the products that stood up to me . Sisley’s  Black Rose Cream Mask  did leave up to the high expectations and it is absolutely amazing. After use my skin appeared  plum and moisturized, also the redness around my cheeks was calmed. Another great investment product is Sisley’s Buff and Wash Facial Gel. It is gentle on the skin but still deep cleans your pores. My skin did not feel dry or tight after use, which is a typical reaction for me. This product also led me to purchasing Sisley Cosmetics Gentle Facial Buffing Cream. This product is like no other i have ever tried.The product’s instructions call for gently massaging it into dry skin. The small granules are incredibly gentle does not cause any irritation (even on my sensitive skin). I normally leave it for about 5-10 minutes to complicatedly dry on the skin. This product also doubles up as a face mask perfectly. The results are straight on clean and radiant skin.

After my extensive test period of Sisley Cosmetics i can agree with the vast majority beauty lovers – these product are absolutely worthed. they are on the pricey side but if you are really looking for a skin treat look no further.