Skin care tips using face mists

Skin care tips using face mists

There are so many additional skin care steps that you may or may not need to incorporate into your routine. Seeking answers and some sense of direction I stumble upon the magic of face mist. This is probably the quickest way to add some moisture to your skin. I narrowed down my handsome collection of mists to four hero products suitable for calming and hydrating, adding radiance and refresh your makeup in seconds.Keep on reading to find quick and easy skin care tips and deside which type of face mist is right for you.

Avene Thermal Spring Water (£3 for 50ml) is more than a must have beauty essential on a long haul flight or in the heavily air conditioned work office. This is a very wet type of spray that takes a minute to fully absorb. It feels really refreshing on the skin and it adds quick dose of hydration. Best suited for no makeup days but still works well and does mess up the look of light coverage foundations. This is the product I always take with me when flying and on the beach.

Ren Tonic Moisture Mist (£18 for 50ml)is a level up on the face mist ladder. It has a refreshing and calming scent that is absorbed by the skin in seconds. This product it really delivers a quick pick me up that lasts for hours. Works well with makeup and really adds that extra bit of glow from within. Another great product for on the go that both hydrate the skin and calm your scenes at the same time.

First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist (£10 for 59ml)deposits fine mist complimented by zesty lingering smell. This is probably the best product from the bunch that works well with makeup. It really brings the dewy look in seconds. Quickly absorbed and great for before makeup touch ups. If you like to foundation to look fresh even after a long day in the office/school/out-and-about this is your guy.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungry Mist (£25 for 50ml)is my personal favorite simply because it sums all of the above products in one (this observation is also valid for the price tag). Probably the finest mist of all this rejuvenating essence adds that instant skin glow in no time. . The scent is very pleasant and calming at the same time. First 15 seconds it feels a bit wet on the skin but then it quickly disasters leaving no trace. I would not use it over makeup simple because there are too many nice ingredients my skill will miss on otherwise. I like to use it before my day cream or just when I need a spritz of luxury..

There you have it, from budget to luxury there is something for everybody. Face mists are a great products for gals who seek immediate and fuss free results right now. Do you favorite face mist?

  • The Sunday Mode

    I always hear people raving about facial mists but I’ve never really tried one myself! I’ve been interested in the Avene one for a while, I feel like it would be especially great to use in summer.