August beauty trash and some fancy facial cotton pads

August beauty trash and some fancy facial cotton pads

It’s been a frantic month of running around, not getting enough sleep and finally emptying bottles of some good old favorites. This month’s lot is filled with products I love that also happen to be very affordable.On a side note, I also discovered some of the best fancy facial cotton pads I cannot live without. 

Ojon Revitalizing Mist is a hydrating leaving conditioner that smells like coconut or more like a tropical vacation.  It does help to detangle hair and keep hair frizz at bay but it if you have fine hair like mine spraying too much can weigh it down. This bottle lasted me for about a year of regular use (I apply leaving conditioners religiously every time after I wash my hair), spraying about two to four spritz every time. Ojon hair mist was also featured as on of my main hair saviors when I talked about how to save your hair from sun and sand on a holiday. I like this product and will probably repurchase it at some point in the future.

Ojon Revitalizing Mist Moroccanoil restorative hair mask review

Loreal Elnett 230 Heat protection spray is also another hair staple I was happy to use for a very long time. It has a nice light scent, does not leave hair feeling sticky or weighed down and comes in a very convenient spray on type of packaging. At the minute I’m trying another heat protection spray but will probably go back to this product.

Moroccanoil Restorative Hair mask came as part of a set. This was the first time trying Moroccanoil products and frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with it. It did do the job but for the price point, I do think that there are better alternatives out there. Results are not immediate and are only noticeable after using this product over let’s say a months’ time. Hair strands that have been overly chemically treated did look and felt healthier but then again it took quite a bit of time to get there. If you have the patience go for it, you will see results but if you are more of an “I want results now” type of person perhaps look into some other alternatives. Check my full review of this and other Moroccanoil hair products .  Balmain hair range is one of my favorite at the minute.

I raved about Sai-Sei Mineral Revive Body Veil not so long again and honestly the hype is real. This is a great lightweight moisturizer that comes with the most convenient and easy-to-use dispenser pump. It has a light scent, it absorbs into the skin in seconds and keeps it hydrated for days. It is a pity that this brand is no longer carried at SpaceNK, making it extra hard to source. At the minute I’m on a hunt for more and once I find a supplier will definitely stock up on these.

Sai-Sei Mineral Revive Body Veil bio oil three cosmetic cleanser gentle nourishing scrub review

The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub smells amazing and has a great whipped consistency. Essentially it is a thick cream mixed with fine scrub particles that are gritty enough to scrub off any dead skin cells. This scent is probably one of my favorite from the range the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing this product on more regular basis is the size. The over a year ago The Body Shop reduced the size of their body scrubs but kept the same price, so now I only tend to stock up on these when there is a sale. In all fairness, there are quite a lot of deals and promotions going on quite regularly on their website, so it’s worth checking out.

Bio Oil is one of these very affordable products that really works only if you use it pretty much twice a day. I know it sounds like quite a bit if a commitment, and frankly, it is, but it at the end of the day it does deliver results. The reality is that stretch marks and scars are not going to go away without any intense treatment. If you are motivated enough this drugstore alternative can really work wonders.Check my  full review and my story how I dealt with new and childhood scars.

Three Gentle Nourishing Scrub is great for combination to oily complexions. The scent is also something to consider. If you are more into earthy/natural/s[a-like scents then this product might be right for you. After finishing the whole 120g of product I say it was nice but not nice enough (or budget friendly) to make a repurchase.Read a full review about some other skincare and makeup products from Three Cosmetics.

Muji Cotton pads review

Glam Glow Brightening Eye Treatment is a great investment that lasted me quite a while. There are 12 small capsules in this box that used sparingly can last you up to 12 times using it. Results are visible after one treatment and under eye aria does feel firmer (feed full glam glow eye treatment review) It is a good product but personally I prefer under eye patches for the pure convince of it.

A quick mention to the Muji Peelable Cotton pads which are some of the best facial cotton pads I’ve ever used. They are not easy to get hold of and cost about double the regular cotton pads but there is something about the that makes eye makeup removal a breeze. The square shape is much more convenient and the layered tackiness of each pad makes the jumbo pack they come in last a good while. Totally worth purchasing if you are around Muji store, they are also available online.

Marvis toothpaste in Jasmine and Cool Mint are a real treat. When it comes to flavoring Jasmine is really prominent but mild and definitely leave your breath smelling like jasmine too. No wonder the company labeled this flavor as “womanly”. Cool Mint has very refined flavor which is t overly minty and yet left a nice feeling of freshness.  In my last product empties In the past talked about it and how much I love this fancy toothpaste but realistically it makes a bit too much of an expense to turn this regular repurchase a lifestyle.

Recently I started taking Magnesium tablets for my muscles and bones. Lately, I’ve been getting quite a lot of numbness and cramps particularly in my feet which led me seeking food supplements that could help me get things more under control. After 100 tablets of Magnesium, I can definitely tell that there is less numbness. Also even after my first gym session after a good while, I feel like my muscles are far less sore than usual and there is far less muscle pain than usual. I’m very happy with the results and most probably will continue to take them daily.