Sweating it

Sweating it

After starting to engage in high intensity activities I realized a few new and interesting facts about body deodorants. Let’s get to the raw truth. 1) Body anti-perspirants might cancel a smell but layering (existing) scents is never a good idea.2) On that note heavily scented body deodorants does not go well with perfume, unless from the same brand.3) Lastly when in the gym try selecting fragrance free deodorants or some very neutral scent. There is nothing more distracting than smelling a mix of body fluids mixed up with sweet candy like perfumes. After these conclusions it was time to up my body deodorant game. Here are some of my tried and tested favorites.

Sanex Dermo Protector 24h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick has zero parabens and alcohol. The smell is somewhat masculine but there are many other scents to choose from the range. On the skin there is almost no trace of any scent. It has clear invisible texture that is absorbed very quickly leaving no trace. I normally use this deodorant for working out in the gym. It does the job well, keep sweaty and smelly situations at bay.

PitRock Crystal is natural body deodorant that is also fragrance free. Perfect for everyday use, after shaving or just for sensitive armpits. I tried to use it once or twice in the gym with no success.

Dove Silk Dry 48h is a very popular and reliable deodorant choice. Scent can be pleasant but overpowering when wearing in combination with perfume. One really good quality is the longevity. Personally I feel at sweat ease for about 5-6 hours, after which a refresh is in order.

Odorex Extra Dry Spray is a sort of anti – perspirirant treatment. Used twice a week this spray eliminates odors and leave armpits dry for about two to four days. Once on the skin there is no sent. It is normally used in the evening about twice or more per week. If you are looking for a sweat-less drugstore solution look no further. Odorex does work and it is pleasant to use too.