Paddle brush worth a splurge-Tangle Angel vs Tangle teezer

Paddle brush worth a splurge-Tangle Angel  vs Tangle teezer

I love a good quality hair brush but often its a splurge to find the right type for the right purpose.  There are a few mega brands dominating the drugstore shelves when it comes to detangling hair brushes and so there is one quite obvious dilemma – Tangle Angel vs Tangle Teezer? Which is best for your hair, will do the job with ease and will last a decent amount of time. Here is my fair comparison of the two and reasons why I chouse one product over another.

Tangle Teezer it’s quite popular choice amongst many. Everybody seems to like the product and swear by its great functionality and quality. I have the original (hand hold, without a handle) Tangle Teezer myself and can also testify to its greatness.However I do find quite appealing the idea of handle on a hair. Tangle Angel seems to fulfill this void by delivering a detangling brush with a handle. It is not only ment to detangle hair but also claims to do a great job of general hair brushing  and even hair drying hair. I feel like I do need to mention that you don’t need both products, essentially they do the same job but in a slightly different way. For this comparison I’ll examine a few types of Tangle Teezer and Tangle Angel brushes. In this post ill compare the original Tangle Teezer with the regular size Angel Teezer and also compare Tangle Teezer paddle brush with the same type of Tangle Angel.

Tangle Angel vs Tangle Teezer (the original)

  • Functionality – both brushes are designed to detangle hair while still wet. Both brushes claim to brush and detangle dry hair as well. The only difference is that Tangle Angel  double up as a paddle brush, perfect to use while blowdrying.
  • Design – Tangle Teezer is designed to be hand hold which essentially provides better grip and control while brushing. After trying both brushes I do find using Tangle Angel a bit cumbersome and slightly more painful while pulling my hair in attempt to detangle it. Comparing the actual bristles Tangle Teezer come with two types of plastic bristles that feel slightly more durable and tick. In comparison Tangle Angel’s bristles are thinner and a bit longer. Both brushes feel comfortable in the scalp while brushing.
  • Quality – both teezers are made with tick plastic that seems to be able to withstand a regular use and abuse over long period of time. After about five months of use my Tangle Teezer did need a replacement. the bristles of Tangle Angel seems to be wearing off after about the same amount of time. None of them broke or fell apart which testify of a good and sturdy quality. Sometimes the weight of the product is associated with quality. tangle Angel does feel heavier that the Tangle Teezer. Personally i do not see that parallel between these too products.

Personally I prefer the design of the Tangle Teezer. Also I found that the bristles of the Tangle Teezer seems to get the job done quicker than Tangle Angel.

Tangle Teezer paddle brush review

Paddle brushes are something new I decided to introduce to my routine. This type of brush seems to help when trying to blow dry hair streight making the process way quicker and easier to manage. Tangle Teezer paddle brush has a lot to live up to, especially compared to its predecessor. Here are my thoughts on this new addition to my hair styling routine.

Tangle Teezer paddle brush comes in one color and two sizes – half size for short to medium length hair and full size for long hair. The brush is made of sturdy plastic and feel lightweight and comfortable to hold. What is so unique about this brush is the design of the plastic teeth that promise blow drying your hair much quicker, with less frizz and give hair smoother finish.
I went to for the half-size option which proved to be wide enough to grab large chunks of my medium length hair without being cumbersome to use (i would not recommend this size for short hair since its quite large). The brush itself feels solid and comfortable to grip. Compared to other paddle brushes this one feels much heavier and the bristles are not flexible at all, which may sound as a negative but after few uses I realized that exactly these two features are actually making this brush much better version with better results.
I know that this brush is meant for blow drying hair but I could not help myself and also use it to detangle and comb through my hair before hair drying. In comparison to the original Tangle Teezer the tick plastic bristles of this pebble brush felt much harsher against my scalp. The results were almost as equally as good but I find the original much more convenient as a detangling tool. When used for blow drying this paddle brush had a good grip that made the overall hair drying process much easier. It was able to grab and blowdry large sections of hair while the brushless really secured each section which made it achieve quicker results. In terms of time spend on hairdrying it took be about the same time with some marginal differences. The one quality of this pebble brush that make me love it is its sturdiness and design. The plastic bristles even if very hot will not cause damage to hair wich is a massive plus in my book. Also they take on heat far better and have little chance to melt away while blow drying.
After using this brush for a while now I would say that it is very sturdy tool that does deliver on all its promises.  If you are after a new paddle brush for quickly drying and straightening your hair I highly recommend to look this way. In terms of using this brush for creating more elaborate hair styles, I’d say that it might take quite some practice. If you are on the market for a new hair brush check my other blog post on Mason Perarson and using boar brushes.

Tangle Angel vs Tangle Teezer

Comparing Tangle Angel vs Tangle Teezer paddle brush seems more fair that it looks.

  • Functionality – both work well as a styling tool, with the only difference of Tangle Angel also working as a detangleler.
  • Design – there is a significant difference in quality and design between the two products. Tangle Teezer paddle brush has stiff teeth that provide a nice grip while blowdying. They are also position quite wide apparat, which should help with blowdrying hair faster. Tangle Angel bristles are designed to preliminary detangle hair. As a styling tool it does take longer to dry hair compared to Tangle Teezer paddle brush.
  • Quality – when it comes to durability Tangle Teezer paddle wins by a long mile. It is definitely better build and feels far more substantial (and less gimmicky) than Tangle Angel. Also in terms of longevity Tangle Teezer paddle brush will definitely last you longer.

In the battle of Tangle Angel  vs Tangle Teezer who wins? Well it depends of what you are looking for. As an all-rounder Tabgle Angel is great. It detangles hair equally as good and it has a handle.Also it does a decent job at styling which means that after all you are getting two type of  brushes for the price of one.  The original Tangle Teezer for me it felt a bit awkward at first but then again it is very much a personal choice of how comfortable each grip feels. As a styling tool Tangle Teezer paddle brush is the better alternative. Its far more sturdy and does perform better at actually styling (not only drying) hair.