Best picks from Tata Harper skincare

Best picks from Tata Harper skincare

It is a well know secret that if you are unsure about a certain skincare product ask for samples. This is exactly how I felt about Tata Harper bioactive and 100% natural skin care range. Tata’s Daily Essentials is a great value discovering kit that includes seven good size samples giving the opportunity to really explore what’s on offer from the range.

Looking at the careful selection of products in this kit, it really strikes me as almost a complete skincare routine (minus night cream). Here is the breakdown of products and my take on each one of them:

  • Hydrating Floral Essence (15ml) – every time when I spritz my face with this mist I can really feel the ingredients activating on my skin. It also comes with the signature botanical scent that could be a bit overpowering.
  • Rejuvenating Serum (10ml) has a slightly ticker consistency that requited a few minutes to fully sink into the skin. It kind of leaves a thin greasy layer which even for my very dry and dehydrated skin felt a bit heavy. If you have oily skin this product is definitely not your friend.
  • Repairative Moisturizer (10ml) has a very lightweight texture that absorbs quickly. My skin was left silky soft and hydrated making this product probably my favorite from the bunch.

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme Rejuvenating Serum Repairative Moisturizer review

  • Regenerating Cleanser (15ml) has a slight gritty texture, which could cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. Overall this cleanser does a great job, leaving the skin clean and soft after use, without feeling stripped. The scent is not as strong and potent, compared to the other products from the range which was a big plus for me.
  • Resurfacing Mask (7.5ml) – this product really packs a punch and just a little heads up do not leave it on for more than 30 min if you have sensitive skin. After use my skin felt clean on a deeper level but without leaving me with the feeling of being stripped and dry.
  • Replenishing Nutrient Complex (3ml) has very lightweight oil type of consistency that sinks into the skin almost instantly. I really like that comes into rollerball (mini) bottle which made it very convenient to use.
  • Restorative Eye Crème (1ml) I only managed to squeeze two applications considering the tiny amount, which I though was not enough to generally conclude on the effectiveness of this product. Nevertheless the consistency is tick but lightweight and felt very suiting for the under eye aria.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser Resurfacing Mask Replenishing Nutrient Complex review

Tata’s Daily Essentials £51 is a great way to explore the brand on a budget. I’m really glad that in this way I was able to experience the products on my skin and from there decide on which product to splurge on and which to give a miss. Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer definitely stood out for me as the hero product in this set.