Testing out Loccitane black soap and July product empties

Testing out Loccitane black soap and July product empties

This month my product empties are rather monochrome but also include some revolutionary products such as Loccitane black soap. When it comes to skincare I tend to go through products much more quickly despite using makeup on almost daily basis. In this month’s lot there are products from almost every beauty category I can think of which made me feel a bit proud that I’m finally making a dent in my endless supply of beauty products.

Body and hair
Clarins Tonic Body Treatment oil has earned a number of honorary mentions and all for a good reason. This oil has helped me keep any stretch marks at bay, smoothen a bit more my orange peel skin and basically moisturize my sensitive skin without any irritation. To see results I recommend using this body oil regularly! This 100ml bottle lasted me for a bit over a month of daily use. My new bottle is on its way and from the look of things I ‘m hooked.

LOccitane Rebalancing Black soap was a product that I purchased because the curiosity got the best of me. Essentially this is a black soap paste that you scoop out and wash your body with. It supposed to get rid of impurities and also leave skin soft and silky. It has a strong earthy scent and ticks consistency that lather when in contact with water. After using the whole tub I would say this product is no better than a regular soap but probably slightly less convenient considering the packaging. If you are a fan of body soaps this product can definitely spark interest but otherwise not really worth the trouble.

Balmain Repair Hair Mask is a must try product. This hair mask is excellent for color treated hair. It leaves my dry and overly process hair strands silky soft. It even manages not to weight down my fine hair after use, despite its repairing and smoothing qualities. After I stopped using this mask there was a noticeable difference so I will be repurchasing this hair mask very soon. This is serious top shelf beauty.

July product empties and new products

Face and other
This month I also manage to try two new products from one of my favorite skincare brand Omorovicza. Me and the Thermal Cleansing Balm did not get on too well. The consistency was nice and thick but easy to spread and apply. It managed to take off my makeup with the same success as many other cleansers I have. The trouble for me was that after use it left a greasy residue on my skin that was very much not welcomed. I guess if you are not going to follow with moisturizer or any other skincare product it could work just fine, but otherwise, I felt it was a but too much work with for no particular benefit. The Cleansing Foam was definitely a bit more successful product for me. The consistency was very similar (thick paste that melts into oil type of consistency, once in contact with water) but without the greasy residue after use. This is a great product for a second cleanse which is a bit unfortunate considering the hefty price tag. I enjoyed using it but not too sure if I purchase it right away.

Caudelie Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Lip cream is a great but very basic type of product. It kept my under eye (I actually never tried to use it on my lips, but you can) moisturized but did not really help reduce darkness or puffiness. This is some of the cheaper eye cream alternatives I could find but honestly, you can easily skip it entirely and just apply your daily moisture in the same areas with similar success.

Nourish Argan Skin Renew day cream is a natural face cream that is also budget friendly. The consistency is kind of heavy even though this product is labeled for all skin types. The cream is thick and leaves skin quite shiny after use. In terms of properties, I could not really see any significant improvement or negative effect on my skin after using the whole 15ml of product. If you skin is on the dry side and you like natural products this might be for you.

Loccitane black soap review July beauty trash

Nails and other
Essie Good as Gone nail polish remover is one of my indulgent purchases that is not too crazy but definitely worth the splurge. It takes off my nail polish in seconds and does not stain my nails after use. Even when I use one of those Gel- effect nail polish top coats this product removes everything in an instant.

Nicole by OPI Base coat is an OK base coat that unfortunately got a bit too thick and goopy half way trough. The remaining product It is completely unusable now which is a bit of shame. No repurchase.

Loccitane black soap review July beauty trashNars Audacious Mascara is one of those hyped up products that actually does not perform. The mascara wand is way too spiky and slightly dangerous (I poked my eye way too many times to count) but does deliver a good mascara application. The formula tends to flake quite a bit which is something I could not get passed, so no repurchase.

Marvis Toothpaste in Withering Mint is again one of those indulgence products that are not a necessity but we all like to splurge on once in a while. It is a regular toothpaste with slight minty flavor and when it comes to whitening I could not really see any noticeable difference. The thing is I really like the retro branding and how grown up it looked on next to my bathroom sink. There is something quite special about splurging on daily essentials such as soaps, candles and even toothpaste that is reading “Yes! You are a grown up now, who takes care of her things and have the means to splurge on basics”.