Loking for the best affordable Asian inspired sheet masks?

Loking for the best affordable Asian inspired sheet masks?

To apply one of those ever so popular Asian sheet mask can be a bit restraining process since it requires you to lay down and limit facial expressions to minimum. For some people all that proves to be a challenge and they fail to have the patience and miss on the sheet mask experience. In the past I tried many sheet masks from Korean and Thai drugstore brands and genuinely find the experience to be both relaxing and effective. Recently I stumble on StarSkin range of sheet masks that seems to have slightly different approach to things.

The range of StarSkin sheet mask covers quite a lot of grounds when it comes to skin concerns. There are face, foot and eye masks on offer also complimented by soft peeling program. Browsing through the elaborative selection I picked up few different sheet masks targeting hydration, firming and calming. Each package contains one face sheet for single use infused with 30 ml of serum. Sheet masks that I’ve tried in the past were normally made from lightweight cotton like material soaked but StarSkin masks came in this jelly like (bio cellulose) textured face sheet instead. On the skin that jelly like texture feels very cooling and relaxing which I found very enjoyable. Each face sheet sticks on the skin easily and does not slide off. The serum consistency of all three variations is very hydrating and does not leave any residue after use.

StarSkin Firming sheet masks review effects

Over the course of one week I treated my skin with Star Skin sheet mask every other day. I first started with StarSkin Behind the Scenes Calming Bio-Cellulose Face Mask. On the skin it felt very cooling and refreshing. I left it on for about 20 minutes, which gave it enough time to my skin to fully absorb all liquid. After use my skin felt more plum and boosted with hydration. I had a few red and irritated arias around my t-zone and cheeks that appeared far much calmer after using this mask. Next I moved on to StarSkin Red Carpet Ready Hydrating Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask. The effects were very similar if not the same but I felt that the calming version performed a bit better. At last I used StarSkin Close Up Firming Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask which was also great. It really helped my skin look more plump and slightly tighter.

StarSkin claims to add a whole 30ml bottle of serum to each sheet mask which essentially can explain their price of £8.50. I love sheet masks and think that these are great indulgent skin treats everybody should try at least once.