These are the best dewy finish foundations for dry skin

These are the best dewy finish foundations for dry skin

If you have a dry or flaking skin you know that applying liquid foundation can quickly turn into your worst nightmare. Additional products such as hydrating primers and moisturizers do help the appearance of makeup on dry skin but the truth is your chosen foundation should apply evenly with or without any of these additional steps. It took me well over a year trying and testing foundations with different formulas and from various makeup brands. Now I can finally share the best dewy foundation for dry skin I found in light, medium and full coverage. 

Light to medium coverage => Charlotte Tilbury, Light Wonder Foundation

This foundation is not easy to get hold of but totally worth the trouble. The coverage is very buildable without caking up and looking heavy on the skin. A few pumps of this foundation will manage to even out any skin tone imperfections but it is still sheer enough to show your freckles (if you have any). A second layer will give more heavy medium coverage that will completely cover any skin inflammation and pigmentation. The finish is very dewy and luminous without looking sweaty. It tends to last all day but I do recommend to use translucent powder around the t-zone when it gets more oily throughout the day. The shade range is decent but not as elaborate as some of the other alternatives included in this blog post and once in the skin it tends to oxidize and become a bit darker. Looking for more Charlotte Tilbury products, check my other Charlotte Tilbury reviews.

top 3 dewy foundation for dry skin

Medium coverage => Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation

This is probably one of my favorites go to foundations that I can always rely on no matter the weather or the occasion.  Despite the good medium coverage, the finish translates as more radiant looking skin. This is also a great alternative if you have very dry and even flakily skin. It never clings on to any dry patches and even when my skin was very dehydrated this foundation managed to make it look half decent. I highly recommend trying it for yourself. It comes in a very wide range of shades and stays true to color.

Medium to full coverage => Dior Star Fluid Foundation

This is one of my latest foundation discoveries that I was surprisingly impressed by. The finish is luminous and glowly while very well covering any skin imperfections. The coverage is easily buildable but very much on the medium side. One distinct quality of this foundation is that it mesh with the skin beautifully even when you work it into a proper full coverage. It is great for special occasions and achieving that seamless full coverage makeup look. In terms of longevity, it really manages to wear gradually and evenly but it stays put for hours once set with translucent powder. The range of shades is decent and the formula tends to last very long time. If your skin is/feels very dry I recommend using a quick 5-10 minutes face mask before applying this product. It will definitely help prevent this foundation easily sinking into fine lines, resulting in more plump and luminous looking skin finish.