The contents of my holiday makeup bag

The contents of my holiday makeup bag

I used to be a terrible packer! Even for a weekend away, I’ll always bring a small cabin carry on in addition to a minimum of a 23kg suitcase. Just for reference, I’m not the type of person who changes outfits three times a day nor did I ever planned my outfits, although I should have. Overpacking was mainly because of the uncontrollable urge to bring as many things as I could just in case of some unexpected clothing, weather, transport or general life malfunction. Happy to say that things are different now. Why? Because now I have a child and husband(second child) and airline baggage allowances seem much strict than before. For a week-long trip to anywhere in the world, I can just about survive with a single carry on luggage and a large handbag. My secret – its called belief in yourself that as an adult you can handle sticky situations. That combined with some moderate planning and possibly easily accessible emergency funds is a recipe for ultimate success. Just in case you need more explicit explanations here is my breakdown.

Take only two pairs of shoes, one hair tool (if you really have to), try and plan all your outfits and take tons and tons of skincare and makeup samples instead of sull sizes. I treat vacations as the perfect opportunity to try new products under extreme weather conditions. Sun, cold, wind and my personal favorite rain are inevitable environment forces that most likely will take one by surprise at any time. This time around we went for a week holiday someplace warm. When it came to taking care of my skin I stuck to regular application of sunscreen, little to no makeup and trying to follow a regular creasing routine. On this trip, I packed a bag of samples filled with few cult classics I never tried plus some stapes just in case things go horribly wrong. Here is a brief review of each product I sampled and any other holiday makeup bag contents.

Holiday makeup bag beauty essentials

To take off any concealer or mascara I used a combination of  Clarins Instant Makeup Remover followed by RMS Beauty Makeup Wipes (100% natural). I found that both products did a great job removing even waterproof mascara. RMS Makeup Wipes felt a bit greasy that’s why I prefer to use them last and go over my whole face. They do leave a residue but since that residue is coconut oil it can double as a light moisturizer. For cleansing, I used a combination of the legendary Oskia Renesance Cleanser and Origins Modern friction face scrub.  I’ve never tried Oskia Renecanse cleanser and frankly, I thought that it works just fine.  Origins Face Scrub did a fine job too but it really stings the eyes. I normally like to use a face scrub in the shower but this product was bordering on health hazard, blinding me for a solid minute in an unfamiliar environment. I took with me two moisturizers to try – Clinique Moisture Surge and Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition day cream. I’ve used both products before and do liked them. Clinique moisturizer has more lightweight texture while Chanel hydra beauty did excellent job calming mild sunburn and redness. On a regular week, I do try to do a face mask at least twice which I try to stick to. Ren Glycolic Radiance Renewal Mask and Verso Reviving eye mask were the two treatment/masks I tested.  Veso eye patches did a good job of brightening the under eye area. I had similar results with less expensive eye patch masks which did not make me run to the shop and purchase the full box of them.Ren’s mask was rather mild which actually was a saving grace considering my skin was red and aggravated from the sun. For hair, I had this generous sample of R+CO Gemstone Colour shampoo and conditioner. The packaging of this brand always attracted me to the products, so now I’m glad to have finally tried it. The scent is very nice and kind of perfumey. Both products did a great job washing and conditioning my hair. However, Rahua shampoo and conditioner were the better performers from the bunch. For a natural haircare brand, their products really nourish the hair and give that much-needed shine from within. I almost forgot to mention OUAI Treatment Mask which was nice but not worth purchasing considering there is very little product for the price.

After trying a bunch of new products there were definitely a few that proved to be worth the splurge. RMS beauty wipes and Rahua Conditioner quickly found their way to my shopping basket.

Holiday makeup bag contents
In terms of makeup, I heavily relied on cream products. Every single product from this lot of products did not get used which meant I overpacked again. Here is some wisdom I learned through painful experiences and makeup malfunctions. Eyeliner/eye pencil in hot climates is never a good idea. It smudges easily and often crumbles under hot pressure. Bronzer can be used as an eyeshadow, sculpting powder and to bronze, the peripherals of the face, so always pack a bronzer. Pick lighter colors of cream eyeshadow which can create a more natural glow. It also concealed mistakes of not so precise application or in case it fades over time. Waterproof mascara is always a good idea.