The New 2015 DiorShow

The New 2015 DiorShow

I love big voluminous lashes. No clumps just evenly separated, full lashes that complete any makeup look. Recently the queen of effortless lash drama Dior has reformulated their DiorShow Mascara. At first glance everything looks the same. They kept the massive dense wand and sleek packing (well the color the lid is black this time around). Inside that magic tube is where the magic happens.

The new formula promises to add more volume by using microfibers and also to evenly separate and fill in gaps between individual lashes. For me the winning feature of this mascara is the new double wipe system. It  limits the amount of air that penetrated the inside the tube and essentialy dry out your mascara. Considering the issue i had with the Diorshow’s preassesor was indeed quick drying. I suspect that the massive wand was collecting too much product leading to too much waste of a product. So far i can report that the double whipe system does not manage to decrease the annoying clogging around the rim..

2015 Dior Diorshow mascara review brush

Just for added drama and a bit of adventure I picked up 2015 Dior DiorShow mascara in purple (168). Purple mascaras are so underrated. The color is perfect for jazzing up a staple natural every day look. I dare you to try it! So far i received tons of compliments on my lashed, even from makeup aritis. In case you are not feeling my purple vibes this mascara also comes in black, brown and blue shade.

2015 Dior Diorshow mascara review compare look

No mascara

2015 Dior Diorshow mascara review compare

Right Old version, Left new version

2015 Dior Diorshow mascara review look

Two coats mascara

For comparison I did dig out my old Diorshow waterproof mascara. Both formulas appear to be very close. My lashes look fuller and with added length. The iconic wand is big, so application could be a bit awkward of first but once you get a hang of it results are totally worth it. After a few hours of wear the old version tends to dry on your lashes and start flaking. Over a week of intensive wear I did not experience anything similar from the 2015  Diorshow mascara . The formula lasted well throughout the day and appear to be more flexible and less stiff on the lashes. Also this mascara has a light rose scent to it, which personally i tend to relaly like.

If you are on the market for a newmascara, checking the Dior counter is a very reasonable proposition. Personally I like the effect (and color) of the new formula and would recommend it to anyone looking for volume and lash drama.Diorshowmascara retails for about £25.