The perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone

The perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone

Rimmel Dare To Be Bare collection by Kate Moss not only comes with provocative name but also a range of perfect nude shades. The collection consist of five lipstick shades ranging from light sandy nude to deep brown. Rimmel has issued a shade guide that can help you deside on the perfect lipstick for your skin tone. I was feeling a bit adventurous and picked up few shades that suited best my nautral completion.

Rimmel Dare To Be Bare collection kate moss review guide

The selection of nude shades is fairly small which makes the shopping experience less confusing and straight forward. There is a quite well thought diagram with suggestions of your perfect nude shade from the range based on your skin tone.Finding the perfect lipstick for your skin tone does depends on your personal preference but also skin undertones. Some of the colors from this nude range are very similar and have little difference in between. For example 42 has slightly more peach undertones (great for olive skintones) while 45 is more of a rose pink nude (great for pale comxecions with yellow undertones). Depending on the light in the store, right next to each other they do tend to look almost identical. The formula of this lipsticks is very buttery and almost balm like. On the lips they feel conformable and very moisturizing. All shades have fair amount of pigment but does not last very long. Also all five lipsticks from the collection have the same scent, similar to the rest of Rimmel by Kate lipsticks.

Rimmel Nude collection swatches nude 45 review

Rimmel Nude collection swatches nude 48 review

Rimmel Dare To Be Bare 45 nude is the perfect nude shade with pink undertone. On the lips it really sheers up and looks lighter than the lipstick bullet.That hint of pink naturally enhances the lips. It is one of those easy shades that you can slap on without using a mirror and the result will still look great. Rimmel Dare To Be Bare 48 nude is a nice darker brown color that looks kind of scary at first. Once on the lips it looks more burgundy than brown. The pigment is strong so you almost get the same shade of color as the bullet is. It is surprisingly wearable and even suits my nautral complexion. I think this is probably the most daring shade from the bunch.

  • Ciara

    I cannot wait to try these! I love how number 48 looks, I will have to try it

    • Number 48 is unusual choice that look surpassingly good on light to medium skin tones. Let me know if it worked for you. xxx