This anti frizz hair product actually works

This anti frizz hair product actually works

At first looking at Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil mist I could not gather much. There are the usual claims in bold letters plastered all over the lovely brown bottle one making one to believe that could be ultimate anti frizz hair produt. Free from parables and sulfates, this hair mist promise to nourish, protect and smoothen your wild frizz locks. Dealing with humidity and regular use of heat tools I was looking forward to trying something new that actually could work.

Kendi Oil is a natural ingredient rich on essential fatty acids such as Omegas 3, 6, and 9, and it that has very similar properties to Argan Oil. It protects hair from damage, prevents split ends and help manage hair frizz by leaving hair feeling soft smooth and sleek. My first impressions of Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil were that this oil is very lightweight, leaves no greasy residue nor does weights down by fine hair. It has a very light smell and the most amazing fine mist dispenser. On dry hair it really helps manage any frizz and smoothen my hair.

Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil review

After a few liberal spritz, the product was quickly absorbed and all that was left was shiny but not greasy and sleek but not straw like hair. Sometimes when I feel the ends of my hair are particularly dry, I spray it first onto my fingers and then apply it directly on my dry split ends. I found that this dry oil work much better managing fly-always than hair spray, since it has no hold or crisp hair feeling. Used on damp hair this hair oil made my hair feeling silky soft, look healthier and shiny. Personally I prefer using this product on dry hair since it works wonders smoothening frizzy hair.

With Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil mist £16 in my hair cupboard I fear no more humid weather. Highly recommend trying this product, and start living a frizz free hair life, much like tons of other who discovered this amazing product.