Two autumnal nail colors by Debrah Lipman

Two autumnal nail colors by Debrah Lipman

I found this Debrah Lipman Magnetic Wave set at the back of my cupboards. By no means i am proud of not knowing when and where did i purchase this pretty little box but i am glad i did. Debrah Lipman nail polishes are rare in my collection since i consider them a bit overpraised. This was probably indulgence item, just to price myself for something i did (not) do. You know how it goes with “comfort shopping”.

The quality of both nail polishes is great. Lats very long and does not chip easily. Since this edition is part of their magnetic wave range, this Debrah Lipman nail polishes are a bit ticker in consistency, hence why they last longer. Personally i am not a bit fan of the magnetic wave effect so for the most part i used them as a regular nail polish. The set consist of two metallic colors – Berry Metal and Love us a Battlefield.Berry Metal has purple based color mixed with tiniest silver shimmery particles. Love is a Battlefield is burgundy color mixed again with the same fine silver shimmery particles.

Debrah Lipman Magnetic wave Love is a battlefield

Debrah Lipman Magnetic wave Berry

Debrah Lipman Love is a battlefield

On the nails both colors look glossy but muted. They are not bright at all but because of the unique shades, the color looks intriguing. I have already gotten a few complements and “Where did you get this” so would definitely recommend searching for Debrah Lipman Magnetic Wave set. Since it probably is from a few collections back expect to find it on massive discount too.