Update your lipstick with a new lip liner

Update your lipstick with a new lip liner

Lip liners are a budget way to update your not so favorite lipstick. My top 4 lip liner picks are from the drugstore and I promise you that they can transform your ordinary lipstick into something new and exciting. After a thorough inspection it came as a shock to me that I own equal amounts of lip liners and lipsticks. It sounds a bit strange, I know but looking at my mini lip collection I seems to be far more adventurous with lip liner colors. I came to the realization that a bright lip liners are less scary than bright lipsticks and definatelly more budget friendly option too. I often tend to mix & match two different shades of lip products to achieve that perfect lip color and here are my best combinations.

Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob comes in this classic ash pink shade that compliments very well any nude lipstick. This specific shade of pink gives more plumpness and fullness to lips, needless to say the formula will help lipstick last longer too. Sometimes when I’m in rush I tend to wear it on its own or with any lip gloss living on the bottom of my handbag. Trust me results always look great.

Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob

Another staple lip liner color is Essence Lipliner in In The Nude . The shade is this light nude color that is more of a your-lips-but-better color. Nude lip lines go with pretty much any color lipsticks, including bold colors. I like how settle the color looks on is on my lips and that I can use it to “correct” the shape of my lips, when I want to.

Essence Lipliner in In The Nude review swarches

LOreal Lip Liner Couture in Intense Plum is my version of bold lip color on the go. For the record there is nothing plum about this color. It is more of deep berry shade, perfect for the colder months. I love wearing it on its own since it is quite pigmented and i can apply the color with persicion. If It is so much easier to control the outline of the color, which I consider crucial when it comes to bright lip colors or deep shades of red.

LOreal Lip Liner Couture in Intense Plum review swatches

Essence Longlasting Lip Liner in Plum Cake is a quite interesting color that I grew to like more and more. Its naurtal but with purple undertones. Paired with nude lipstick it can really gives a bit of a different look. I like that it’s a bit unusual and it really works with pale skin tones. This one is my current favourite too.

Essence Longlasting Lip Liner in Plum Cake review swatches

Caring different lipsticks seems to be more of a hassle rather than simply taking different lip liners. They also make your lipstick last longer and do not melt as easily in the heat which is double points in my book. If you are not into lip liner all together be sure that you are missing out. Hope that my recommendations inspire you to venture into the world of lip liners Im glad that somebody addressed the issue