Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Some think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and probably they are right. From a women perspective I do think it is nice to be surprised with the occasional trip to Paris, reservation to a fancy restaurants or presented with unexcited gift. However all of the above should not be initiated on only one particular day of the year. Manifesting your love on Valentine ’s Day  is somewhat unnecessary, predictable and yet expected.

Over the years I had my fair share of Valentine’s surprises. Based on best and worst experiences here is my Valentine ’s Day guide. These steps guarantee quality time together and er…happy ending. Most of the items below does not require hefty budget or weeks of planning.

Flowers are a must! Also bigger the bouquet the better. Flowers last a good while and serve as cheerful reminder of thoughtfulness. A card with meaningful handwritten message

Good bottle of wine or champagne is essential. Make sure you go over your usual budget. Treat this purchase as a special occasion treat.

Staying in is the new out. You can cook but ordering in from a favorite restaurant is as good alternative. Restaurants are purposely excluded from the equation because it requires considerable amount of planning. Most of the time service will be slow, food will be average and overpriced. To avoid disappointment just order in. For the record pizza will certainly be out of the question.

Lingerie is the best and worst gift possible. If you don’t know her size just buy a pair of sexy nickers. Make sure the size is ok and keep the receipt. Size is crucial and if you get it wrong you might be in a bit of a trouble. Lingerie is also a great gift to gift back. It does not have to be expensive but lace is probably your best friend.

Candles can really create romantic atmosphere with half the effort. Any candle shape or form will do. Just make sure there are at least ten or more.

Movie or favorite TV show as entertainment. Going to the movies is as good as watching it at home.

Even if you pick only one of the suggestions above and do it right results will be positive. Doing something is significant no matter how little might be..