Wedding season and nails

Wedding season and nails

Weeks prior my wedding day panic starts setting in every time I look at my personal appearance. I became more and more unreasonably attracted to any product labeled as “wedding” related. There seemed to be no control nor reason when it came to cosmetics and makeup shopping. Price became no object even if it meant cutting down on food, drinks with friends and future holidays .All for the sole reason to look and feel perfect on my special day. For the record I do not endorse such behavior although I doubt if is that uncharacteristic for a bride to be after all..

Essie Bridal wedding Collection 2015 review

Essie Brides No Grooms and Essie Happy for Desert review

Essie Vanity Fairest review bridal collection

Recently obsessing over my nails I spotted Essie Bridal Collection 2015 (limited edition). The pack includes three shades – two not so opaque neutrals and one bold fuchsia shade. Essie Happy for Desert is a pale lilac color that needs at least two coats to transfer as opaque. One coat is really not enough and looks quite streaky too. Essie Vanity Fairest is a beautiful pale pink nude with some fine shimmers mixed in. The color is actually something I would consider wearing on my wedding day. Unfortunately the formula really let me down. Three coats later I was still not happy with the coverage. The only possible way to make it work is perhaps starting with a good opaque nail color as a base and layering over Essie Vanity Fairest. Moving on to Essie Brides No Grooms is a strong full coverage fuchsia color. The color is bright and without any shimmers. Great for the summer season and perhaps great for during your honeymoon.

Essie Bridal Collection 2015 (limited edition) is looks attractive just because on the packaging the word “wedding” is mentioned. If you are a bride to be this nail polish set is probably not for you. The two neutral shades are actually quite spot on when it comes to fun nudes but the formula is a real let down. Essie Bridal Collection 2015 (limited edition) did not break the bank but I still think I could have done without…so do you may be?