Welcome to my beauty trash #2

Welcome to my beauty trash #2

I will admit it! My mission (also know as collect products from different beauty categories) for this edition of my Beauty Trash has failed, miserably. It is just a given that body products tend to be used up far more quickly than any other.After all the body is a bigger surface to cover…If you haven’t guessed it by now this is Product empties body edition. I group the products into sub categories, just to make it more user friendly.

clinique sparkle skin

la roche posay lipikar cleansing body cream gel

Under the shower
Lets start with body scrubs and move on to body washes. personally i tend to skip body washes rather than body scrubs. Removing the dead skin on the surface is important step that should not be ignored. Finding a good body scrub that is gentle but still exfoliates well, does not leave any greasy residue and moisturize your skin is most of the time too much to ask. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator touch base on most grounds. The scrub particles tend to sort of melt on the skin after a gentle rub, which is quite enjoyable. The skin feels smoother after use which is the reason i manage to finish this product. It has a distinct and quite strong smell of eucalyptus, which i can imagine is not everyone cup of tea. If you can get over the smell i would definitely recommend this product to you – it is gentle and exfoliates well. Another favorite is Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub. This scrub smells absolutely amazing. It works almost as good as the Clinique body scrub, but the smell is really want makes me place another order. To be honest this is my second tube.

During the colder months my body skin is becoming more dry than usual. When i red the label La Roche Posay Lipikar Syndet Cleansing Body Cream Gel (a mouthful) i was intrigued. This turned out to be (to my surprise) a shower gel. Did not see any major improvements after use. It just felt very smooth and light on the skin. I guess if you have a very sensitive body skin or a skin condition this could be a safe product. If you are a “regular joe” type of gal i would say just buy the cheap stuff, it will work as good. Speaking of inexpensive but quite nice shower cream Fa Royal Jelly in Almond Blossom is the one. I really like the creamy consistency since it nourishes my skin. It comes in many different scents so there something for any taste.

St tropez gradual tan

Vichy Deodorant Roll On

After shower
I take my body moisturizing very serious. To extend that i never skip this process especially after a shower. Roger & Gallet Cedrat Citron Body Lotion is a great product. For more detailed review click here. For when i am feeling a bit lazy but still want that beauty skin kissed glow i tend to reach for St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Light/Medium. I feel this shade suits well my pale skin and looks more natural. This is easy way to add some color without being concerned about dark patches here and there. I am in my late twenties and only now i started using more regularly fake tan. I would definitely recommend this product for beginners simple because it is fool proof. It lasts for about a week and fades on very gracefully, really fuss free.

Deodorant is essential but Laura Vandini Aqua Perfum Deodorant is not. I even think they remove it from the market, so enough said. On a positive note Vichy 24 Hour Deodorant Roll On is a solid antiperspirant. It has a very neutral smell, lasts a good while in a nutshell is a great and simple alternative.


Bodyshop hand cream

I am just going to address this real quick – EGLYDIUM oral hygiene products are absolutely amazing and i will continue to stock up and export ridicules amounts from France till the end of time.

Recently i became a slightly obsessed with hand cream. After searching my cupboards i found this two suspects. I really liked Artdeco Intensive Hand Treatment because it feels very moisturizing, my hands felt soft and the smell is quite nice too. The BodyShop Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream is also another nice hand product with light texture.

This is THE END of this very long blog post. If you are reading this little message congratulations you earn quite a few brownie point. To claim your price white me in the comments section below.