Welcome to my beauty trash #3

Welcome to my beauty trash #3

It is that time of the month when i decide to clear out my beauty trash.So lets get into my product empties. Just for the record almost all of these product i consider repurchasing which means there are some new favorites in this pile.

La Roche Posay Nuxe review

La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar solution for sensitive skin – This Micellar water is my most preferred make up remover that i have used since i started using make up. It is very gentle on the skin and even removes suborn waterproof make up. This product does not irritate the eyes even if I get really into the inner corners. It has very light and undetectable scent which is suiting for very sensitive skins.

NUXE Rave de Miel Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel for dry and sensitive skin – this is more of a cleanser than make up remover. It has gel like consistency that feels very light and creamy on the skin. I almost feel it is too gentle to remove any dirt or deeply cleanse your the skin.It has a very present smell of honey which personally i did not mind so much.Not sure if i would repurchase this product since i am looking for product with a bit more cleansing power.

She Uerma Kerastase review

Kerastase Cristalliste Brain Cristal for fine hair – I have lots of hair but because it is fine i often need/use products that help me have a bit of a roots boost and volume. This shampoo did leave my hair feeling lightweight and uplifted. It reacted well with my sensitive scalp and even after a continuous use of 3 months did not cause any dandruff or scalp irritation. My hair looked silky and shiny after use which was a great change. The bottle is very compact for 250ml which is always a plus. I will definitely come back for more from this Kerastase range.

Ducray Sensiol Shampoo treatment for sensitive/itching scalps. I bought this shampoo in very desperate times. My scalp had a bad reaction, was very red and itchy at the time. This shampoo helped the reduce the itchiness but did not help with calming and repairing my scalp. It worked just for the first few times i have used it and after just did not do much to keep things at bey. Not the best treatment shampoo out there.

Sue Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreame Restoration treatement for ultra damaged hair – I purchased this after my summer holiday when my hair was not at its best state. I have lots of color brassiness and my hair was feeling super dry. This is a great hair mask that helped me bring my hair back to its regular healthy state(also helped my hair color). Under the shower i leave it on for about 10 minutes before i rinse it off. It has tick cream like consistency and amazing smell. This hair mask is definitely in my top 5 favorite.

Urban decay origins review

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks – apart from the gorgeous packaging this mascara is probably my 3rd. I can not get enough of the amazing formula that does not flake ever. The brush just hugs the lashes so well and makes them bold and long. The wand is a but curly which helps get into the inner corner lashes. I am a big fan of Helena Rubinstein mascaras and most certainty prefer them over all other high end brands. Love Love Love.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – this came together with the original Naked (1) palette which was a really nice touch. I struggled a great deal finding a good eyeshadow base that works well with my super oily eyelids. It has become near mission impossible and even waterproof eye crayons tend to crease on me.The consistency of this Potion is like a light balm that goes on smoothly and blends with your skin. Eyeshadows and eye crayons (even from the drugstore) tent to last very long in combination of this product(even on a night out). I already purchase the full size and continue to use it on a daily bases.

Origins Modern Friction – This gentle exfoliator came from a discovery kit. The consistency is very smooth and silky. After use my skin feels moisturized and properly clean. It gives the same results like some of the gentle scrubs but minus the scrub beads. Removes oiliness without leaving the skin dehydrated. It is great for all skin types and especially for sensitive skins.

L’Occitane Mango Flower Hand Cream – a great tick consistency with very fragrant smell. It moisturized very well dry skin and leave it nice and smooth. I am not sure if this exact scent is still available but the base is L’Occitane famous Hand Cream.

Johnsons face wipes review

Johnson’s Extra Sensitive face wipes – this are not my favorite face wipe but they come pretty close to it. The cotton they are made of is very soft but the solution the wipes are soaked in sometimes irritates my eyes.

Kruidvat Nail Polish Remover – just a standard repeated purchase. It is value for money and gets the job done just fine. Most importantly it did not make my nails yellow after a frequent use, which is always a big bonus with drugstore nail polish removers.

That was all the product i managed to use up during the past month and a half.Hope you like this post.