Welcome to my beauty trash #4

Welcome to my beauty trash #4

Another few months has gone by and there is only a pile of products left to remember it by. This edition of my Beauty Trash is quite extensive so let’s get cracking.
Body products
 Sanctuary Spa The body shop Nuxe body review 

Sanctuary Spa Foaming Cream Scrub is great for removing dead skin or fake tan but it is a bit drying. For detailed review click here.

Nuxe Body 24hr Moisturizing Body Lotion is one of my favorite body lotions I relay on. Especially during the cold months my body skin tend to get very dry. This product helped me nourish and hydrate my skin. By body instantly felt smoother and was left with a light almond smell. Make sure you like the scent because it did lingers for quite a while. Although almond tones are dominant the smell is not heavy or sickening at all. On the skin this body lotion feels firming and calming. The consistency is balmy and light, perfect for normal and dry skin types. It absorbs quickly and does not leave any oily residue. I highly recommend this product. This is a definite re-purchase for me.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub has a strong olive smell. Despite its quite large scrubbing particles it felt very gentle on the skin. The consistency is quite thick and creamy .Also it did not dry or irritate my skin. Smell is quite earthy but does not lingers. Overall it did a good job. After use skin felt clean. The Body Shop Body Scrubs are of great quality and variety of scents. They are also worth the money considering the generous packaging.
I love Mango & Papaya bubble bath and shower cream have a great look and smell but that’s about it. It does the job and it comes in a 500ml packaging. I liked the smell but quality wise this product is nothing special. No repurchase for me.

Hair products
 Charles Worthington hair masque Kerastase elexir review 

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Moisture Steal hair mask is good drugstore alternative. After use my hair had less frizz and felt nourished. Due to coloring my some of my hair is a bit damaged. This mask did not help much to repair and smooth appearance. Overall good hair mask for dry but not colored hair. No repurchase.
Kerastace Elexir Ultimate with Oleo Complexe and Moringa Immortel Oil is all time favorite. This bottle lasted me for about year and a half of frequent use. Only two pumps are enough to smoothen hair ends and lightly style my hair. It smells amazing and does not leave greasy residue. It is easily absorbed and leaves no trace. I love this product and even converted number of friends and family. Definite recommendation and future repurchase (already on its way).
Face and other products
 Origins cleanser Oskia bed time boost decleor scrub review 

I have already reviewed La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel and Decleor Double Radiance Scrub so check out full reviews here. Looking back I would probably not repurchase them. Oskia Bed Time Boost appear on the blog before (check here) and I have to say that I did repurchase the full size product. It is worth the money and think is excellent nigh cream that we all deserve to have.
Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea is a gentle, silky cleanser. It has a sort of tick but liquid consistency that gently cleans the skin. This was a good size sample of 30ml that after I finished it was enough for me not to purchase full size. It does the job well but I feel like there is plenty other fish in the sea. Just not special enough.
Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Scrub was very disappointing. The consistency resembled more of a body than face scrub. On the skin it felt rough at times. Results were almost undetectable. I did not even manage to finish this product but just felt that I never will…
Dentyl Active in Smooth Mint is quite a good and mid-range mouth wash. I do feel that it works, removes plaque well and keep your breath fresh. Great purchase and many more repurchases to come.