What is in my beach bag

What is in my beach bag

When it comes to holiday essentials only a  few selected skincare products made the cut this year. This blogpost is dedicated to what is in my beach bag 2014 edition.

Hawaiian Tropic protective dry spray oil SPF 15 – i do feel very guilty of showing you this item but in my defense i have this bottle since a good while and there are sentimental reasons i can not manage to get rid of it (i am working on that). It is hard to admit that this dry oils are probably the worst choice when it comes to  protecting your skin from the sun. And i know that if you are in your early twenties there is a similar bottle in you beach bag as well. But you should get rid of it i should too..i promise!

Lancaster Sun Beauty – this oil free milky spray is a true beach sample. I love Lancaster brand for sun care products and this is one the many i have tried. This is very liquid and had a runny white consistency but it does sinks into the skin quite quickly.Despite the low SPF factor i did not experience any sunburn after reapplying  it religiously every hour. The only fault is the packaging. The spray bottle tend to clog towards after frequent use so be prepared.

I have already talked about Clinique face cream with SPF 30 and Avene High protection creme SPF 30 for dry and sensitive skin. You can find my full review

here. Needless to say both products are great for sensitive skin.

Last on the list is Boots Soltan Moisturizing Suncare Stick SPF3o. I learned the hard way to protect my lips from the sun. This is a perfect inexpensive lip product that works just fine.