What saved my hair on holiday

What saved my hair on holiday

Dealing with hair on a holidays is always a thing i am not looking forward too. Beach hair products are tricky business and you never really know if they worked. Normally damage can be assessed only after you come back home and wash and dry your hard in its natural habitat.

The reality is that conditions on holiday are much different than at home, there is lots of sun, HUMIDITY, sea water that destroys your hair to bits, you know the drill.But there is hope. Recently i worked out a beach hair products combo that helped me maintain a good level of control over my brunette locks. After my summer holiday the condition of my hair was not bad at all in comparison to previous occasions, which convinced that this hair routine is good. There are a few tips and tricks i shared with you so keep reading.

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Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray – essentially this is a leave in conditioner but it also protects your hair from sun damage. I double up on this product meaning i not only i applied it after i washed my hair as a leave in treatment but also brought it with me to the beach. IMPORTANT TIP after you wet your hair in the sea search for a near by public shower and wash away the salt from your hair. You do not need any shampoo or soap to do so.Fun fact – sea salt is very damaging for your scalp and leaves your hair feeling crisp and dehydrated. After a quick wash i normally apply a leaving conditioner like Alterna Bamboo. This product smells so tropical and is very light despite my fine and long hair. Great beach hair product.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening hairspray – I have repurchased this product countless times. It gives a great about of volume in my roots without feeling sticky. It has transparent color and it looks like water in the tube.My fine and lumpy hair absorbs this product seamlessly. Even if you leave you hair to air dry and decide not to you use any heat tools you are still going to get a root lift.

Davines Well Being Conditioner – This is hair miracle in a tube. Also one of my favorite conditioners and continuous repurchase. It has a balm consistency and nice smell. More importantly it leaves your hair very feeling very soft and silky after use. I normally leave it in my hair for about 5-10 minutes. TIP: On holiday if you want to avoid your hair becoming very greasy after washing it every day, just skip shampoo and go straight for conditioner. My hairstylist even recommended to bin shampoo altogether but i am still a bit attached to squeaky hair.

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for oily roots – I was trying different brands drugstore dry shampoos when i finally came around to this particular one. with very low expectations i was impressed. It does a good job, does not leave a tuns of white residue, it does not feel sticky or crisp in my hair…what else for the price of it.

Loreal Elnett hairspray – no need to explain the need for hairspray to fix any hairy situation…