What saved my skin on holiday (Body edition)

What saved my skin on holiday (Body edition)

Unlike the unreasonable doubts of other i do strongly believe that after sun lotions does work. Biotherm Oligo-Termal milk and Sparkle Cream are two products that i con not go without on holiday. Even if you forget to reply often your SPF or forget your SPF altogether (yes it did happen to me once or twice) after sun body lotions can be your skin savior. Since i remember I have been loyal to Biotherm Oligo-Termal products for one simple reason they smooth and calm my dehydrated skin.

Biotherm Oligo-Termal milk

Biotherm Oligo-Termal sparkle cream

Biotherm Oligo-Termal Milk has light consistency and neutral smell which makes it a pleasant product to use. This milk is also quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving any trace on clothes. Once applied, it is very cooling and calm areas of light burned skin.

My personal preference from Bioterm sun care range is Biotherm Oligo-Termal Sparkling Cram. It has absolutely the same properties as the Oligo-Termal Milk, but it has a bit thicker consistency and millions of mild gold sparkling particles in it.This is a multi-purpose product that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and add that extra bit of sun kissed glow, saving you the hassle of  applying bronzing oils. This product is not as unisex as the Milk version, but if your sharing partner does not mind a bit of a sparkle in their life, it is definitely worth purchasing.

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