Why i think it is best to fake tan before holiday

Why i think it is best to fake tan before holiday

After some frantic packing, change of several airports and few crying babies on the plane, I finally reached my holiday destination. To cool things off I normally head over for some refreshing beverages including alcohol and make a plan to visit the nearest beach, preferably in a bikini. Before I meticulously plan my next beach OOTD I normally look around and check what other girls are wearing. To my surprise beach fashion is not something that makes me jealous. It is skin color that gets my panties in a bunch. As a fair skin girl achieving even the slight hint of skin color takes over ten days of countless hours sunbathing and some mild degree of sunburn.  Years went by before I discovered the magic of self-tanners and mastered my half decent application technique. This is the best fake tan for holiday routine that I always rely on because it’s simple and fuss free. 
Fake tan before going on a sun holiday can be a tricky business but if you plan your moves right I promise it will boost your body confidence. Hesitant at first I made a good few mistakes before perfecting my “bronze goddess” look. Here are my four must-have products that will help you achieve nice and even caramel skin color with minimum effort and zero sun exposure.

Holiday prep routine

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
I really cannot stress this enough but when it comes to self-tanners body exfoliation is 50% of job done. Sai Sei Mineral Body Scrub is a product that I am currently obsessed with. It has a mildly fragrant and fresh smell that can also be considerate as unisex. It leaves the skin incredibly smooth and deeply exfoliated. After use I never felt that my skin is left feeling dry and even dry flakes were gently smoothen. The texture is much like a mildly blended sugar scrub mixed up with small chunks of apricots seeds. This product can not only be used a prep before applying a self tan but also works great taking off leftover tan from stubborn areas.

Gradual self-tanners
Gradual self-tanners are a great alternative even for fake tan newbies. It comes in a cream form and the intensity develops after each application. A great budget alternative is St Tropez Gradual Tan that also comes in several shades. The color develops very naturally on the skin and intensity builds up slowly. High end but totally worth it alternative is Omorozicza Glam Glow. The intensity of color builds up very quickly (two applications have the equivalent of three weeks sun holiday). Glam Glow is also the perfect face self-tanner that does works magic on the skin without causing any breakouts or affects the rest of your skin routine.

Airbrushed legs
If you are not ready to commit to a self-tanning product but want some spray on summer glow on your legs why don’t you try the Sally Hanasen Airbrush Legs. This is a waterproof formula that can last hours on end. It has good coverage and gives the most amazing airbrushed skin effect ever. If you have any scars or razor burns from shaving this product will cover everything up. My advice when applying is to spray first on your palm and then massage it on your legs. Also to removes you need some foamy soap and water. This is also a really good product for on the go.