Xmas gift guide for him

Xmas gift guide for him

Even if you know your boyfriend/husband very well the challenge still remains when searching for the perfect present. Over the years I realized that there are about five things that never seems to disappoint any male characters in my life. So here are my candid choices and brief gift guide, male edition. 

Grooming kits and perfumes
Skincare or also called grooming kits are a great ways to get your man into taking care of his skin. When it comes to value for money L’Occitan Collection for men ticks all the boxes. This set comes with five products including Eau de Toilette, shower gel, bar soap, shaving gel and after shaving balm which is everything he can possibly need. If you are a bit more picky about his scent BYREDO My Marvelous will definitely bring a smile on his face.

Socks and underwear
Although undeniable necessities these item seem to come in various basic prints or colors that makes them not very exciting. Happy Socks is a company that bring the fun in socks. All designs are bright, colorful and eye catching making it the perfect accessory. Who needs a jazzy tie when you can go for settle color explosion on your socks. Men underwear should be comfortable and settle, without any big patterns or in more than two colors.

Things can easily get overboard in price when it comes to watches. Never the less there is one particular brand that is classic and timeless without breaking the bank too much. Daniel Wellington have both classing and more colorful models, so if you really want to take a step further there is the option to get matching ones.

Lost and found a.k.a. hats, scarves and gloves
RIP to all the lost gloves and hats each year! That’s why it is always a great idea to gift another pear, just in case, when things get missing. J Crew or Canada Goose have nice and reasonably priced selection to pick from.

Technology and gadgets
Video games are to be avoided at all times. I want my boyfriend/husband to spend more time with me not playing for hours some mildly aggressive computer game. Things like Sonos wireless speakers or new Bose headphones are great new tech additions that are going to spark interest and can be used for the benefit of both parties.

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