You need Nude Dip every day of the week

You need Nude Dip every day of the week

I will admit that Tom Ford Nude Dip is a total necessity and the ultimate luxury makeup treat. This eyeshadow quad used to be limited edition but due to high popularity and customer demand was brought back as part of their permanent collection. What makes this palette so unique and special is that all shades have satin finish, unlike the rest of the Tom Ford eyeshadow quads from the collection. Satin finish eyeshadows are far more forgiving and in combination with the beautiful range of wearable colors new eyeshadow palette can quickly become your every day staple.

Tom Ford eye shadow quad 03 Nude Dip review swatches

The shade range of Nude Dip is very well thought out, with colors that are universally flattering any eye color. The four shades included are gold champagne highlight, beautiful metallic rose pink, light taupe and dark chocolate brown. All shades have almost foiled satin finish and are incredibly pigmented, soft and easy to blend. Despite the intense pigmentation each color translates in a very settle kind of way also perfect for day time looks.

Tom Ford Nude Dip easy eye makeup

One thing that really stood out for me is versatility of the range of shades. When in a hurry i just blend one color all over the lid and pair it with eyeliner. On days when I have a bit more time to play with my makeup I love using all shades together to create more smookey night-time look. For quick day-to-night type of look apply the rose pink shade all over the lid and pop a bit of that gorgeous chocolate brown in the crease.

Tom Ford Nude Dip review

There is no denial Tom Ford Nude Dip (£56) is an investment but the kind that actually pays off. The range of colors is super versatile and there is not a single color that you will not get a use of. If you only buy one makeup item this month I suggest you treat yourself and take a Nude Dip. I have no regrets on my side, only gorgeous eye makeup looks that I cannot get enough of. If you are in a mood for more Tom Ford reviews check my other blog posts: